Ruff & Tuff music for uprising people

This track is dedicated to all the people that are struggling out there on the streets defying repression, broadcasted gouges and propagated fear. People are uprising in US, UK, Greece and lately also in Romania.

The T.I.N.A. (There Is No Alternative) doctrine that has been abused over and over again by politicians in Europe during the economic crisis in order to force people to accept that the only solution is the frugality policies of the IMF and the World Bank. Regimes have been repeatedly intimidating the public that bankruptcy can be only avoided by more welfare cuts, austerity etc.

These policies have given direct subsidies to banks and more space to big corporations to make profit while they have been detrimental to small businesses, workers’ rights, salaries and have driven a large part of the population to unemployment and poverty.

This type of blackmailing can be no longer acceptable in any sensible society. Leading economists and other academics have showcased that there are other solutions. People can no longer tolerate oppression, injustice and indigence. People are rising up!

‘No Scape’ is the latest tune from Dubmastor with Blackout JA on the vocals. It is a really heavy ruff & tuff track, just like the times we go through. The stiff and rough chanting of Blackout JA comes in the tradition of Prince Far I and Burro Banton. Massive!

From trenchtown Kingston, to the occupations in US and UK to all the indignants in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Romania the people declare that the ongoing project to ‘rob the poor to give to the rich’ while trespassing any form of people’s sovereignty is not going to pass.

Dubmastor, born Paulo Sergio Querino, is a selecter and soundboy active with ‘Cidade Verde Sound System’ in Brazil. At the same time he is the owner of ‘Big Chunes Label’.

Blackout JA, born Christopher Hendricks, has a deep, ruff and fiery voice rhyming about revolution wherever he is. He comes from a music family located in Portland, Jamaica. No surprise that he is into big sound music: his grandfather was playing the sax, his mother was singing in the choir while his father was running the ‘Universe’ soundsystem. He moved to Kingston and then England steadily expanding his musical projects. He has been collaborating with Sly & Robbie, Capleton, Freddie McGregor  etc. but also with junglists Run Tingz and many more.

Blackout JA



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