Record Review: Lord Uptown – Power In Unity / Humble Dread Net 7’’ (Dub Cobra Recordings)

Lord Uptown in his first steps in the dub universe showcases oldschool dub with a more modern digital edge. Humble Dread is a competent cut of slow, meditative music.

It is the first time that I listen to dubs from Sweden, although I know that there is a dub/reggae scene there (Meditative Sounds from Uppsala, Trinity Sound System from Stockholm). One is hard to expect sun-laden music from the ice-cold Nordic landscapes, especially during the ever-dark winter time, but Lord Uptown delivers a cheerful, positive vibe of togetherness especially with the playful first track.

Lord Uptown is a new dub producer from Uppsala, Sweden, founder of Dub Cobra andBomb Proof Dubs netlabels and member of the Radical Rhythm Revue DJ crew that holds regular appearances across the country.  He offered already his very first bunch of dubs throughout 2011 and now he is ready for Dub Cobra’s third release that marks the beginning of 2012.

Power In Unity’ brings 1980s era dub into mind (ala Scientist, Mad Professor) with a playful and cheerful vibe but also with a harder, more digital bass pattern. The effects match nicely together in this wobbly number.

Humble Dread’ is a deep, meditational dub anthem in the vein of Augustus Pablo (melodica) as carried on later by Alpha & Omega and the likes. It has a relaxing and soothing feel.

Lord Uptown – Humble Dread:

Both tracks are totally instrumental (no vocals at all) and come with a powerful production that can shake people in the dancehall. Compared to the previous releases, these new songs have a more rootsy appeal. ‘Humble Dread’ is probably Lord Uptown’s best score.

“Made for world peace” as stated on the artwork of this net release.



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