Dub Primitivism – N’Goni with Alpha & Omega

Every day may bring a fresh start, in which we can be newly baptized adhering to the cyclic rhythm of  life. Where we can cast all our thoughts in the fire of knowledge and leave our ballast behind so that we are light and free to sail in the new day. Then we can have a blank page in front of us, a fertile ground for creativity and self-fulfillment to spring out and take form.

Everyday we have the chance to explore our roots, go deeper, expanding our rhizomes firmer so that we can also grow, flourish and thrive robust. The longest journey is indeed inwards; Alpha & Omega are maybe the dub artists that delved the most into the inner kingdom, into spirituality. Dub is pulsating life.

Max the bass – N’Goni with Alpha & Omega:

In this new start, in this new adventure inwards we may discover our own human nature, pure and unalloyed. Then we can find ourselves, our own nature among the greater whole, encircled by other living beings and the Earth. There we are what we meant to be: free and inter-dependent. Inter-dependent to all other living beings in the web of life. By realizing this we discover our uniqueness which essentially enriches the diversity of this world.

What we need to rethink and reconfigure is what brings degradation to our culture and our environment that consequently enforces diversity of all kinds to decline. We need to soothe ourselves and heal our planet. This song is about unleashing our spiritual self, rising up!

Dub Activism Forward!


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