Thievery Corporation – New single and video dedicated to Occupy movement

A funky rap anthem for the Occupy revolts

While Thievery Corporation had a string of impressive albums in the 2010’s, I must admit that 2011’s ‘Culture of Fear’ is their weakest release to date. Their eclectic sound collages somehow run dry of their songwriting innovations and infectious melodies that made them stand out and shine for all these years.

That to say that ‘Unified Tribes’ is the song that I have enjoyed the most from Thievery since their 2008 set ‘Radio Retaliation’.  It features oldschool rapping (courtesy of Mr. Lif) on a funky horn galore. The trademark soundcarpet of Thievery is also present, backing the track with lounge-styled dub and a simplistic-pervasive beat.

‘Unified Tribes’ underlines the outstanding ability of Thievery to ‘incorporate’ and reproduce sounds under their own brand. It is a ‘flat’ song without shifts & changes, but with that it flatters the skillful vocal delivery and the powerful message. It is all about taking our lives back under our own control, uniting to be free of exploitation. Unity in diversity:

The video is inspired from and dedicated to the Occupy movement. Freegan Kolektiva has not written anything about it yet but we are keeping a track since the 17th of September when it all started in the US. We are moved to see that something is finally happening in the US, UK and other developed countries worldwide. It is so much needed. We have been mostly related to the Arab Spring, the indignados and the ongoing social struggle at home (Greece). I am sure we are going to post something more about it anytime soon.

The world started turning differently; ideas that were marginalized previously are becoming common sense. 2012 might come to stress even more bluntly the need of ‘protesting to survive’.

Fists High – Unified Tribe

In Solidarity with Occupy Worldwide


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