Freegan Kolektiva launches 2 campaigns!

We are delighted to announce you two campaigns of Freegan Kolektiva.

Exploitation Campaign

Exploitation is at the core of the present dominant system. It permeates every human and animal activity on a daily basis. We are all exploited in differing degrees by the wealthy and powerful of this world.  Exploitation can manifest through our own labour, the degradation of your environment, coercive participation in institutions among others. It is a very personal experience; it affects the way we ‘taste’ life every single day.  We can all identify forms of exploitation directed to us or others in our surroundings (people & animals). Let’s be open about it!

We want to address different situations of exploitation; every case displays different parameters and is driven by different agents albeit it all stems from the same centres of power, the accumulated capital and control to a handful of influential institutions and few patronizing individuals.

Hunger, poverty, indignation, ecological collapse, climate change, animal abuse etc. are all symptoms of a demoralized, corrupt and deeply unjust society. We want to expose with images and words what we consider as exploitation in the current human and non-human animal conditions. By doing that, we hope to sparkle online and on streets activism.  We are tired of the present deteriorating situation with all the hard-hitting crises and we want as the emerging generation to be able to determine the world we want to live in.

Circus Animal Campaign

We want with various images, words and adbusting to provoke discussions and some free thinking about the issue of circus animals. We feel that this ridiculous spectacle should come to an end. Acrtobats, jugglers, clowns and other circus employees are not there by force. It is a profession that can provide a living to these people; moreover it is a form of art dating back to ancient times that can cheer up people.

On the contrary, circus animals are not there by choice, they do not like it there. They are compelled, constraint and caged in order to be there. They are forced to learn these tricks and they are beaten and abused relentlessly on the way. Our society needs to evolve from that, circus animals can be no more an acceptable form of entertainment.

We want to construct a toolbox free to download for anyone who would like to form a group, organize an action at a circus or just embark on web activism.


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