One month Freegan Kolektiva! Some reflections

One month with Freegan Kolektiva has been quite rewarding. We published a few articles and our first original poster. We opened our music and recipe pages recently, which have been quite busy etc.

All is new for us – we never used blogs, facebook, twitter, flickr etc. – so at points it has been overwhelming to learn all this from scratch at the same time. As a result, we are spending much more time online than before. This is something to consider – we would like to regulate this, because offline activities are also demanding as well as rewarding.

Our e-zine has been very broad thematically to point that it might seem incoherent to some. To us it is quite amusing to post a traditional, vegan recipe and right after that to publish a review on the new record of a dub soundsystem. Nevertheless, we would like to advance Freegan Kolektiva e-zine as a hub of emerging culture. It is about real life, it is about the way we consume, we eat, we listen to music, we participate in the society – it is the way we look at the world; our woorldview; our cosmovision.

We have manifold ideas about the future of Freegan Kolektiva. We are working on new posters and we are thinking to launch a campaign soon. We are going to add a lot more about our view of freeganism and practical guides on how to lead a compassionate lifestyle away from over-consumption within the carrying capacity of our planet.

We hope to contribute to a positive present and future. There are increasing numbers of disillusioned people – there are countless initiatives all over the world – we stand in solidarity!



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