Dub Colossus – free weekly downloads, enter the Ezana Stone Sessions

Freegan Kolektiva is amidst colourful musical vibrations: Dub Colossus, after releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Addis Through The Looking Glass’ album earlier this year, offer a set of ‘Addis…’ remixes via weekly giveaway!

Every Monday for 10 consecutive weeks, starting from the 5th of December, a new remix of ‘Addis…’ is going to be ready for downloading. For those who do not know Dub Colossus, it is a group that combines ethio-jazz with dub and some extra ethnic & world music flares. Here you can make some parallels also with the groundbreaking work of Jah Wobble. Nick Page, of Transglobal Underground fame (founder), started the band with Dan Harper and a host of Ethiopian musicians back in 2006. The band is located in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Freegan Kolektiva already downloaded Almamegretta‘s (ska/dub/reggae outfit from Naples, Italy) remix of ‘Wehgene’. Wehgene is one of the most beautiful tracks of the ‘Addis…’ album, with exotic Ethiopian singing on mind-traveling dub grooves. Here the song is delivered in a more stepping dub version with the typical steady hard beat. It is a solid effort that regularly uses the amazing vocals of the original.

It is an innovative idea of Dub Colossus to offer a remix album stepwise on the web. We are delighted to listen to ethio-jazz fused with dub. Finally, there is a band from the motherland Ethiopia to stand out globally since the ethio-jazz heyday back in the 70’s (and the Mulatu Astatke revival in recent years). We are greatful for your free music & culture.

You can download the Ezana remixes from the official site of Dub Colossus.

Watch Dub Colossus covering Althea & Donna’s classic ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ which is also featured in  ‘Addis Through The Looking Glass’ album:


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