Dumpster Diving is legitimized! check the ‘Taste the Waste’ trailer

“The world’s hungry could be fed three times over’’ claims the documentary ‘Taste the Waste’. The enormous quantities of Europe’s food trash are exposed: a tremendous waste of environmental resources, animal lives and human labour. We literally take the food out of the hungry people’s mouth.

This is nothing really new. Food waste, as an outcome of unequal distribution of wealth, stark dependency on the global food market and consumer culture, and its relentless impact on the environment and society have been underlined numerous times in debates, documentaries, scientific papers etc. Just remember Erwin Wagenhofer’s 2005 documentary “We Feed the World” and especially the words of Jean Ziegler (sociologist/politician) where he stated that hunger is a criminal act, because we produce enough food to feed everybody but the poor cannot afford it. In spite of all this, global hunger escalated the last years to peak at more than 1 billion people in 2010. We need a generous change!

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th of December, at 1800hours there is a screening of Valentin Thurn’s documentary ‘Taste the Waste’ followed by a discussion with Stefan Kreutzberger (co-producer) and Christof Simpfendörfer (organic farmer) at the Aula of Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is organized by FRESH initiative and KGE organization  as part of the ‘Food Film Series’ .

Freegan Kolektiva is going to post an extended review soon.

Links to the movie and the event:






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