New Freegan Kolektiva logo

Hi all,

We already improved the Freegan Kolektiva logo! Here it is:

Freegan Kolektiva logo revamped

The circle is in Aboriginal style, inspired by indigenous cultures worldwide. It represents mother Earth and the diversity of species as well as human communities; in short ‘Biocultural Diversity’. It also depicts Oneness, the common origin of all living beings, which is our link in the web of life.

In FK we believe in the bioregional worldview, where living beings are primarily  defined by their unique ecologies, specific habitats as well as their social and biological interdependence. As biocultural diversity is declining tremendously over the last decades, we would like to safeguard it and bring it forward. We also show solidarity to the world’s indigenous peoples, minorities and marginalized groups who have been suppressed by the dominant culture. We are all vital elements of diversity; the different colors, odors, flavours; the beauty of the world.

The circle is hand-painted and digitized.


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