Conquering a land to save it: Greece is officially no longer sovereign

Here in Freegan Kolektiva we are all about the ability of oneself to be self-determined within a healthy society. Hence, we feel rather uncomfortable with all the developments in Greece where there is a new prime-minister appointed (a banker) in order to apply the orders of the creditors as dictated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We have entered a dark era of conditionalities and commitments of the country to its creditors in order to ‘save’ it while in reality we are sinking further into social deterioration and economic despair.

We never had the illusion that we were living in a proper democracy, nor that Greece was ever really sovereign (otherwise Greece would not be in this condition), but now the reality is just too strikingly clear. Just tale a look at the world, isn’t it the fate of all the small, corrupt countries which just follow the policies of the dominant?

Here I would like to refer to Joseph Stiglitz, to remove even the last drop of doubt about what is going on. Joseph Stiglitz is one of the most important economists of the last decades who served as Chief Economist at the World Bank, as Chairman of Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers and now is a professor at Columbia University. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001. We consider his words crucial because he presents the insider’s perspective as well. In 2006 (pp. 18) [1], before the ongoing crisis even started,  he wrote the following:

“[discussing the failure of IMF to establish economic stability in the world, as exemplified by the economic crisis of the late 1990’s, that hit primarily emerging economies…] As the IMF crafted policies to respond to the crises, it seemed more often to focus on saving the Western creditors than on helping the countries in crisis and their people. There was money to bail out Western banks but not for minimal food subsidies for those on the brink of starvation.

Before that, in the same book, he pointed out that globalization has been governed to benefit advanced industrial countries and corporate interests. The institutions that have governed globalization, namely the World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organization have undermined democracy and have restricted the sovereignty of states and the well-being of their people.

Modern history is repeating itself way too fast! Isn’t it time to put an end to it? Greece is being ‘saved’ at the moment by taking the country’s wealth away from its people, by destroying what’s left of its productive base while stepping on the country’s culture, dignity and right to self-determination.

It is a paradigmatic punishment of a country that serves as a scapegoat in order to push forward unpopular draconian policies allover Europe. We wish all the Europeans to be united, especially in these times of crisis and change, for a people-powered Europe.

[1] Stiglitz J (2006). Making Globalization Work. Penguin Books Ltd., London.


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